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November 1, 2022

Dear Readers,

Truthdig is back. Our staff is cutting-edge and dedicated to digging for the truth.

To our longtime readers and supporters, welcome back. To new readers, we’re happy to have you join the exploration.

We know you enjoyed digging beneath the headlines as we provided new perspectives you didn’t read anywhere else. Truthdig will continue to provide that, with strong writing, original reporting and investigative journalism.

We will bring you sharp analysis as well as thought-provoking commentary. Our perspective is broad, and we are committed to journalism that undercovers issues and seeks potential solutions.

We’ll also bring you fresh global voices that shed new light on relevant and important humanitarian issues, from abuse and disease to diasporas and the climate.

And we won’t stop there.

We have created new “Digs,” with Dig Curators who will excavate pressing issues in great depth over several months. We also will feature Dig Scapes, a sound mashup about current issues.

But “digging” to uncover problems is of limited value if all it does is leave you at the bottom of a deep hole with no way out. So we’ll go beyond and identify possible solutions that may offer pathways to create positive change.

Let’s keep digging,

Zuade Kaufman

Truthdig Publisher & CEO


Our name evokes our goal: to dig beneath the headlines. It also reflects our philosophy.

As an independent source for original and provocative reporting and commentary from a progressive point of view, Truthdig offers an outlet for original work and presents possibilities for lasting change. We publish everything from deeply sourced investigations to pointed arts critiques by exceptional journalists, featuring honest and credible reporting that meets the highest standards while focusing on the issues that matter most.

We don’t have to be stuck.

We believe there are always courageous, creative changemakers who can stand up to the status quo, battle inequities and create positive solutions to help us climb out of the deepest holes.

We believe in humanitarian values. When people come together armed with knowledge, they can share ideas that transform both community and policy.

People Behind Truthdig

A fearless crew of excavators mining for the truth, just like you.

Meet Some of the Team
Zuade Kaufman Founder, Publisher & CEO
Sharon Romeo COO
Pablo Ortega Strategy Consultant
Alexander Zaitchik Senior Editor
Tana Ganeva Assistant Editor
James Dwyer Publishing Coordinator
Paul Tullis Editor-at-large
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Aaron Glantz Contributor
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Afrah Nasser
Alan Minsky Contributor
Alex Adams
Alex Kirby
Alexander M. Martin Reviewer
Alexander Reed Kelly Former Associate Editor
Alexandra Crisbășan
Alexis Camins Contributor
Alice Kohli Contributor
Alison Rose Levy
Allen Barra Contributor
Allen McDuffee Contributor
Amelia Pang Contributor
Amy Goodman Columnist
Amy Uyematsu Poetry Contributor
Amy Wilentz Reviewer
André Naffis-Sahely Reviewer
Awards Truthdig was originally founded in 2005. Since our relaunch in November 2022, the site has won seven awards from the Los Angeles Press Club and an honorable mention in the Best Writing – Editorial category in 2022. Overall, Truthdig has won six Webby Awards, 33 first-place awards from the Los Angeles Press Club, and four awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.
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Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Election Editorials – Martina Moneke, Bill Blum

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Foreign Correspondents Based in Southern California. Print, radio, TV or

Dawn Paley, "Mexico’s War Against Migrants"

Southern California Journalism Award: Second Place, Gender and Society 

Kamin Mohammadi, "Woman Life Freedom"

Southern California Journalism Award: Second Place, Columnist 

Kamin Mohammadi, "Woman Life Freedom"

Southern California Journalism Award: Third Place, Pandemic Reporting

Michael Balter, "The Politicized Virus"

Southern California Journalism Award: Third Place, Soft News Feature, General News

Eileen Cronin, "Unhoused and Disabled in America"

Southern California Journalism Award: Third Place, Immigration Reporting.


Dawn Paley, “Mexico’s War Against Migrants”

Dawn Paley, "Mexico’s War Against Migrants"

Webby Awards: Honorable mention in the ‘Best Writing – Editorial 2022′ category

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