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Truthdig, founded in 2005 by Publisher Zuade Kaufman and Editor in Chief Robert Scheer, is dedicated to reporting on current issues that are insufficiently covered by mainstream media. The website’s mission is to dig beneath the headlines, provide expert reporting and commentary from a progressive point of view and offer an outlet for original work by exceptional journalists.

Truthdig is known for honest and credible reporting and careful fact checking by our professional staff. We insist that our reporting meet the highest standards and focus on the issues that matter most.

Over the years, our peers have recognized our efforts. Our honors include six Webby Awards, 21 awards from the Los Angeles Press Club and affiliated organizations, and three awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

We do not tell any of our contributors what to write, and the website does not always agree with the views of its writers and bloggers. We are proud to have created a home for provocative and talented writers and to give them the freedom to pursue a story wherever it takes them.

Truthdig’s team is composed of writers and editors who have worked for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Daily News and other major publications. Guiding the staff is Robert Scheer, an award-winning journalist with more than 50 years’ experience.

Unlike at most media companies, ads and the income they produce do not play a big role in Truthdig’s operation. The site is not influenced by advertisers or shareholders and is not controlled by any outside entity. This independence gives us great freedom and great responsibility.

A continuing concern for Truthdig is how to sustain its quality. Digital media is the new frontier for content, but thus far no online news organization and few mainstream media companies have found ways to maintain adequate funding for online coverage.

Our steadfast commitment brings us grants from foundations and philanthropists and contributions from readers who want to ensure that excellent reporting and commentary thrive on the web. In support of that goal, the Truthdig Fund has been set up to accept tax-deductible contributions.

Even with these funding sources, our budget is stretched by paying writers and contributors, employing an in-house editing and fact-checking staff and undertaking special endeavors such as publishing the reports of women global writers. Because Truthdig won’t lower its standards, it must constantly seek new funding.

Please help us keep digging for the facts and staying beholden to none.

People behind Truthdig
Zuade Kaufman
Robert Scheer
Editor in Chief
Kasia Anderson
Executive Editor
Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Assistant Editor and Poetry Editor
Eunice Wong
Book Editor
Clara Romeo
Editorial Assistant
Donald Kaufman
copy editors
T.L. Caswell
Copy Editor
Anita Salzberg
Copy editor
Barbara Dunlap
Gregory Glover
Copy editor
Heidi Swillinger
Copy editor
Kathie Bozanich
Copy Editor

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Anna Badkhen

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Gender/LGBTQ Reporting

- Amelia Pang, "Native American Rape Survivors Tell How Deck Is Stacked Against Them"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Political Commentary–National

- Paul Street, "An Insubordinate President"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Commentary on TV/Film

- Staff, "What Happened to the Female Directors of Hollywood?"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Political Column/Commentary—Election

- Sonali Kolhatkar, "We Need to Understand What Happened on Election Night, and Fast"

National Arts and Journalism Award: First Place, Paul Von Blum, Books/Arts/Design

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Investigative

- Amelia Pang, "Who’s in the Kitchen at Chinese Restaurants?: An Investigative Report, Part 1"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Editorial Cartoon

- Mr. Fish, "Go Back to Sleep, America -- Nothing to See Here"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Online Celebrity Feature

- Staff, "30 Years Gone, and Oh, How We Still Love Orson Welles"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Online Book/Cultural Critic

- Tim Riley, "The Man Who Invented Rock ’n’ Roll"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Online Political Column/Commentary

- Chris Hedges, "Days of Revolt: We Are All Greeks Now"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Activism Journalism, All Platforms

- Bill Boyarsky, "Why Ending Homelessness Is Political Poison"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Entertainment Reviews, Online

- Natasha Hakimi Zapata, "I Am the Beggar of the World"
Truthdig is the real deal--well-written, well-researched, and full of stories and editorials from all perspectives. Truly first-rate work; I read it every day.
Theresia de Vroom
Santa Monica, CA
I begin each morning with your email. Please keep up the good work.
Andrew Weeraratne
Miami Beach, FL
Thank you for the courage to seek and share Truth!
Tina Tinsley
Bogart, GA
Thank you for the great investigative reporting that you do. I rely on your work for understanding what is happening in this crazy world.
Laurie Jacobson
Sebastopol, CA
We need you now more than ever. Thank you for your essential work.
Gary Lee
Palm Springs, CA
Grateful every day for the invaluable information that is provided by Truthdig.
Dorothy Lewis
Phoenix, AZ
Thank you for the honest information you bring to me each and every day! You are my link to reality. I appreciate what you do.
Laura Smith
Riverside, CA
I'm a Chinese Canadian and I am grateful for your leadership in this important fight for justice. Keep up your great work!
Yixi Zhang
British Columbia, Canada
We need you more than ever. Journalists we can believe and trust. Thank You!
Don Nelson
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