Aaron Glantz

Aaron Glantz

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Aaron Glantz is a senior reporter at Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and a recent JSK Fellow at Stanford. His books include Homewreckers, The War Come Home and How America Lost Iraq....


What John McCain Should Know

Mar 4, 2008
More than any other candidate for president, John McCain should know that peace talks can be stronger and smarter than bombs, that withdrawing American soldiers can be the best way to achieve stability, and that the best way to protect American troops is to bring them home from the war zone.

American Veterans in Crisis

Feb 2, 2008
When young American men and women sign up to serve in our military, the government makes them a basic promise: If they are wounded in the line of duty, they will get the care they need. But for far too many, that's a promise that only exists on paper -- even months after the news emerged about American vets' shameful treatment at U.S. military facilities.