Louise Rubacky

Louise Rubacky

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Louise Rubacky is a filmmaker with over 25 years experience honing filmed stories of all genres. She has written, produced, and/or directed various independent film projects and edited for such major filmmakers as George...


All the Single Ladies

Jun 24, 2016
Rebecca Traister excavates the economic, social and sexual options women have had historically in relation to marriage, and tracks how the growing numbers of unmarried women have advanced the fights for abolition, suffrage and labor rights.

Dog Whistle Politics

Feb 5, 2016
Ian Haney Lopez, the book's author, writes that many white Americans no longer see themselves as racist. He maintains, however, these people are manipulated by dog whistle politics -- coded racial language that "operates on two levels: inaudible and easily denied in one range, yet stimulating strong reactions in another."

Being Mortal

Mar 21, 2015
Surgeon and public health expert Atul Gawande writes in his book on facing the final phase of life that "as people's capacities wane making their lives better often requires curbing our purely medical imperatives When should we try to fix and when should we not?".