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I Am Brian Wilson

Mar 17, 2017
The musician we meet in this book looks back on his mid-’70s Beach Boys caricature with sympathy and dread. As his gentle voice emerges from the pages, a more definitive picture takes shape.

Part 2: Behind Bars, Day to Day

Feb 10, 2017
Because she lacks all power, the author focuses on simple things: meals, showers, access to shampoo. This is the second of a three-part story in Truthdig’s “Violence Against Women” series.

‘Where Memory Leads’

Dec 15, 2016
Holocaust scholar Saul Friedlander's new memoir is riveting in its fierce intelligence and candor. Resilience shouts out to us from each page.

In Other Words

Feb 26, 2016
Novelist Jhumpa Lahiri's evocative memoir is written in her third language, Italian. "I'm in another dimension," she writes of working in Italian, "where I have no references, no armor. Where I've never felt so stupid."

Barbarian Days

Jul 24, 2015
William Finnegan's memoir about surfing has more depth than many about other addictions. Nothing, not even his cliched dream of chasing waves, is as uncomplicated as it appears.

A Message in a Bottle From My Mother: Requiem for the Home Front

Jul 22, 2015
In these decades, when we’ve gone from an American version of people’s war and national mobilization to peopleless wars and a demobilized populace, war has remained a constant, but we have not. Given that, I want to offer one small cheer, however belatedly, for my mother the caricaturist.

On the Move

May 22, 2015
Since the 1985 publication of “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," neurologist Oliver Sacks has been enlightening readers with sharply observed, generously humane medical case studies. In his latest book, "On the Move: A Life," Sacks presents an extended study of the patient he knows best: himself.