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Aram Sinnreich

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Aram Sinnreich is a professor and chair of the Communication Studies division at American University’s School of Communication, science-fiction author and bassist.


‘This Is What We Do’: Why I Hated Chrysler’s Super Bowl Ad

Feb 10, 2011
The Super Bowl commercial is a shell game. Detroit’s pain isn’t the result of some existential crisis of faith, but a direct consequence of the amoral, profit-seeking behaviors of Chrysler itself.Unlike most of the Super Bowl's 111 million viewers, judging by the effusive tidal wave of tweeted praise that attended its airing, I did not love the new Chrysler ad. In fact, I hated it.

E-Speech: The (Uncertain) Future of Free Expression

Oct 29, 2008
As tools like the Web, e-mail, voice over IP, Internet video, mobile phones and peer-to-peer file sharing become increasingly vital to our lives, limitations on speech and threats to our privacy are becoming increasingly important civil rights issues.

Closing the Box on Pandora?

Apr 24, 2007
The Internet radio business changed suddenly on April 16, when the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board decided in favor of drastic hikes in the royalty fees that webcasters pay record labels to play their music. Pandora founder Tim Westergren (above) says this ruling could put an end to American internet radio as we know it.

Right Move, Wrong Reasons: Inside the EMI/Apple Deal

Apr 17, 2007
Media analyst, scholar and musician Aram Sinnreich takes a close look at tech giant Apple's joint venture with major recording label EMI to offer music that is free of the restrictions imposed on consumers by "digital rights management." Sounds like music to our ears, and those of the iPod-toting masses, but the author detects a hidden agenda behind the deal.