New Israeli government measures would essentially “cleanse” greater Jerusalem of its Palestinian inhabitants; and L.A. may soon need to be remodeled for the driverless era. These discoveries and more below.

How Israel Is ‘Cleansing’ Palestinians From Greater Jewish Jerusalem Measures aim to annex settlements to city and turn Palestinian areas into no-man’s land, warn rights groups.

Thanks to Autonomous Vehicles, We Could Have These Utopian, Tree-Filled Streets Here’s an optimistic view of human-centered roadways in the age of driverless vehicles.

In Age of Forest Fires, Israel’s Law Against Palestinian Goats Proves Self-Inflicted Wound for Zionism A ban by Israel on herding black goats – on the pretext they cause environmental damage – is to be repealed after nearly seven decades of enforcement that has decimated the pastoral traditions of Palestinian communities.

Trickledown Economics—Then and Now Robert McElvaine, premier historian of the first Great Depression, says that Republicans today are repeating the same mistakes as the Republicans who were in charge during the 1920s, whose trickledown policies led to the spectacular crash of 1929.

Unconscious Patient With ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo Causes Ethical Conundrum at Hospital When an unresponsive patient arrived at a Florida hospital ER, the medical staff was taken aback upon discovering the words “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” tattooed onto the man’s chest—with the word “NOT” underlined and with his signature beneath it.

Why the Capital Is Ripe for Sexual Abuse—and Why That’s Unlikely to Change I’ve seen few issues over which there was more confusion than the recently sprouted one of inappropriate sex in Washington—and certain related outposts as well.

Notes for Antifa from a Former ‘Terrorist’ Violence is only a small part of antifa. But it is an important tool.

Kick Against the Pricks At first it was a lot of enormous media potentates crashing to earth, followed by a bunch of lesser despots and lords, many employed in the media industries too, and it soon expanded to include half the men in Hollywood and ancillary trades like politics.

Los Angeles Is Ready for the Next Mobility Revolution The city was shaped by the streetcar and was an early adopter of the automobile. What comes next?

Net Neutrality Is Just the Beginning The internet faces a choice: corporate monopoly or public control.

Israel’s Attempts to Preserve a Racist Heritage New legislation reflects the desire to approve at the constitutional level the establishment of ‘Arab-free’communities around the country.

Why Did We Start Farming? When our ancestors began to control fire, most likely somewhere in Africa around 400,000 years ago, the planet was set on a new course.

Why Aren’t Dems in Congress Raising More Hell to Oppose the Worst GOP Tax Bill Ever? Could congressional Democrats be showing their fealty to corporate America?

We Don’t Need to Save Endangered Species. Extinction Is Part of Evolution. The only creatures we should go out of our way to protect are Homo sapiens.

Spain’s Conflict Over Catalonia Is Covering Up Massive Political Corruption Both the ruling PP party and Catalonia’s independentists are using the national question to whitewash their own history of corruption and enthusiasm for austerity.

I’m on the FCC. Please Stop Us From Killing Net Neutrality Right now, you can go online and connect with friends, watch videos and read the news.

This AI Can Spot Art Forgeries by Looking at One Brushstroke A new system can break a work down into individual brush or pencil lines and figure out the artist behind it.

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