Iraq Teeters Toward Civil War

Feb 23, 2006
After insurgents bomb one of the holiest Shiite shrines in Iraq, at least 138 die in reprisal battles --marking the worst Shiite-on-Sunni violence since the outbreak of the Iraq war. University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole calls the day "apocalyptic."

Death Squads and Prison Abuse in Iraq

Feb 17, 2006
In a big story that is receiving scant media attention, the U claims that Iraqi police forces are acting as "death squads" to wipe out Sunnis At the same time, the Iraq parliament is condemning the U for the newly released pictures of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib.

Iraqi Voting Tally Deals Deathblow to Neocon Fantasies

Jan 20, 2006
The parliamentary results are confirmed: Shiites will dominate both the Sunnis and the Kurds in Iraq So while the US tries to intimidate Iran over its nukes, Iranian-bred theocratic Shiites--those most hostile to our interests--are in the ascendancy in Iraq So much for the neocons' "Field of Dreams" scenario for creating democracy in Iraq: "If you break it, they will come" | storyAlso, read Juan Cole on how Bush created a theocracy in Iraq | columnAnd read Robert Scheer on Iran's victory in Iraqcom/eartotheground/item/irans_victory_in_iraq/" title="item">itemUpdate: A former Pentagon analyst is sentenced to 12 years-plus for leaking confidential documents in an attempt to get the U to take the threat of Iran more seriously | storyUpdate No 2: Iran and Iraq are already linking arms on the construction of electricity facilities .
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Iran’s Victory in Iraq

Dec 21, 2005
For the Bush White House, the good news from Iraq just never stops. But the joy that President Bush has expressed over the country's latest election, though more restrained than his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech, will similarly come back to haunt him.