Putin Blasts Missile Shield Scheme

Apr 26, 2007
Russian President Vladimir Putin took a moment during his final parliamentary address to make it eminently clear that he disapproves of a U.S. plan to create a missile shield in Eastern Europe, vowing to put a hold on Russian compliance with a key European military treaty in retaliation.

Yeltsin Mourned, Buried in Moscow

Apr 25, 2007
Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the country's first elected president, was laid to rest in Moscow on Wednesday. Former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush joined other dignitaries for the state funeral at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the first such ceremony for a Russian leader to be held in a church in more than 100 years.
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Boris Yeltsin Dead at 76

Apr 23, 2007
The Kremlin released word on Monday of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin's death, apparently of heart failure. Yeltsin leaves behind a complex legacy. He was instrumental in Russia's transformation from Soviet state to democracy, but, as Mikhail Gorbachev noted, Yeltsin also made some "serious errors."

Russia Won’t Budge on Missile Defense

Apr 23, 2007
Defense Secretary Robert Gates was dispatched to Russia on Monday to smooth over relations with Vladimir Putin, who is upset over U.S. plans to locate missile defense sites in Europe. Russia has repeatedly voiced its opposition to such plans, and Monday's meeting between Gates and his counterpart was no exception.

UK Forces Climate Talks at U.N.

Apr 18, 2007
Over the objections of other members, the UK has brought the climate change debate to the UN Security Council Russia, China and Pakistan said it was the wrong venue for the issue, but U Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett pointed out that rising sea levels, mass migration and economic catastrophe would almost certainly impact global security.

St. Petersburg Showdown

Apr 16, 2007
Russian riot police clashed with about 500 demonstrators Sunday in St. Petersburg. The situation escalated when the time the government had allowed for the rally expired but protesters continued to call for President Vladimir Putin to step down.

Putin Puts Kasparov in Check

Apr 14, 2007
Vladimir Putin's regime, with the aid of 9,000 police officers, attempted to prevent a rally in Moscow by arresting opposition leader Garry Kasparov along with dozens of other protesters and even some journalists. The chess phenom has accused Putin of trampling on democracy.

Another Russian Journalist Dies Prematurely

Mar 7, 2007
Police say Ivan Safronov, a military correspondent for a major Russian newspaper, jumped out of a fifth-floor window. But the media and friends say it's likelier that he was murdered because his reporting had embarrassed Vladimir Putin's government. Thirteen Russian journalists were killed in 2006, making it the third-most-dangerous country to report from. (h/t: Largest Minority)

Blair Seeks U.S. Missile Site in Britain

Feb 23, 2007
For months, Tony Blair has been secretly lobbying the U.S. to locate a missile defense site in Britain. Poland and the Czech Republic are also in the running. The $90-billion "son of star wars" program has performed poorly in the past, and is still under development as it's deployed.

Bloody Sunday

Feb 19, 2007
A series of explosions around the world has killed more than 120 people A train bombing in northern India left at least 64 people dead, while three car bombs in Baghdad -- the bloodiest violence since a security crackdown began -- killed more than 60 and injured at least 131 A bomb also exploded at a McDonald's in St Petersburg, Russia, in an act of "hooliganism," according to police There was no indication that each nation's violence was related to the explosions in the other countries.