The Nightmare Scenario

Dec 12, 2006
A former arms control expert in the Soviet Union argues that Bush, in his obsession with North Korea and Iran's relatively minuscule nuclear threat, has effectively ignored the much more perilous threat of Russia's 10,000-strong nuclear arsenal UPDATE #2: Check out three new pieces relevant to nuclear proliferation (including one by Gorbachev) UPDATE: The Nuclear "Doomsday Clock" Ticks Two Minutes Closer to Midnight Also: Watch professor Stephen Hawking explain why the clock was moved"This week, the international crisis that started in September with US discovery of stepped-up uranium enrichment activities in Iran is expected to trigger a nuclear war between Russia and the United States" A former arms control expert in the Soviet Union lays out an all-too-plausible chain of events.
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Mysteriously Poisoned Spy Dies, Mysteriously

Nov 24, 2006
Alexander V. Litvinenko is dead after suffering an extensive illness he believed was caused by poisoning. A former KGB agent, Litvinenko had become critical of the Russian government. He began feeling ill after meeting in London with two Russians and an Italian security specialist.

It’s Official: North Korea Sanctions

Oct 15, 2006
The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions against North Korea in light of its recent nuclear test. Though financial and military aid is restricted, the sanctions do not allow for military action, and skeptics question how effectively the rules will be enforced.

Groper in Chief?

Jul 18, 2006
At the G8 summit, President Bush gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel an unsolicited back massage, which an obviously uncomfortable Merkel quickly shrugged off (h/t: Crooks and Liars) Video (much more after the jump).

The Putin Perspective

Feb 1, 2006
Russia's leader answers mostly tough questions for three and a half hours without the aid of notes or alcohol--a new personal record. | storyOf interest: He doesn't regard Hamas as a terrorist organization and won't support cutting off its funding.