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Sergei Plekhanov

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Sergei M. Plekhanov is associate professor in the department of political science, York University (Toronto, Canada), coordinator of the Post-Communist Studies Program and Security Studies at York Centre, and senior associate of the Centre...


The Nightmare Scenario

Dec 12, 2006
A former arms control expert in the Soviet Union argues that Bush, in his obsession with North Korea and Iran's relatively minuscule nuclear threat, has effectively ignored the much more perilous threat of Russia's 10,000-strong nuclear arsenal UPDATE #2: Check out three new pieces relevant to nuclear proliferation (including one by Gorbachev) UPDATE: The Nuclear "Doomsday Clock" Ticks Two Minutes Closer to Midnight Also: Watch professor Stephen Hawking explain why the clock was moved"This week, the international crisis that started in September with US discovery of stepped-up uranium enrichment activities in Iran is expected to trigger a nuclear war between Russia and the United States" A former arms control expert in the Soviet Union lays out an all-too-plausible chain of events.