police state

What Actually Keeps Americans Safe

Oct 3, 2016
The liberties designed by the Founding Fathers are still well aligned with the security of this country and the safety of Americans, while today's government overreach is anything but.
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Welcome to Cop Land

Dec 21, 2015
If you’ve been listening to various police agencies and their supporters, then you know what the future holds: Anarchy is coming -- and it’s all the fault of activists.

The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap

Feb 5, 2015
The shadow of a new threat seems to be darkening the national security landscape: the lone-wolf terrorist. But most of what pundits and officials claim about it simply isn't true.

Uncle Sam’s Databases of Suspicion

Nov 7, 2014
The Chico Police Department was secretly keeping tabs on Gill as a suspected terrorist. Yet nowhere in a suspicious activity report was there a scintilla of evidence that he was engaged in any kind of criminal activity whatsoever. Nevertheless, that report was uploaded to the federal government’s domestic intelligence-sharing network.