The Long-Awaited Oct. 15 Lineup

Oct 15, 2011
Occupy Wall Street will hold a number of major events Saturday. First will be a march on a JPMorgan Chase branch to protest the $94.7 billion taxpayer bailout of the company and the bank's layoff of 14,000 workers since then. (more)
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You Can’t March if You’re Dead

Jun 6, 2011
For the second time in three weeks, Israeli forces opened fire on pro-Palestinian protesters, killing as many as 20 (that figure comes from Syrian television by way of the BBC, and is disputed by Israel)uk/news/world-middle-east-13660311" title="opened fire">opened fire on pro-Palestinian protesters, killing as many as 20.

‘Day of Departure’ in Egypt

Feb 5, 2011
On a Friday being called the “day of departure” for Hosni Mubarak by anti-government protesters in Egypt, the U.S. government joined in by pressuring the embattled leader to step aside immediately in favor of a transitional government.

Millions March in France

Oct 17, 2010
In demonstrations across France, protesters have marched repeatedly against plans by the Sarkozy government to cut social programs and hike the retirement age as short-term budget woes have given the center-right president the opportunity to push through neoliberal reforms.