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Liberals Back to Giving Obama a Pass

Dec 21, 2012
“Now that Obama appears poised to push substantial parts of Social Security and Medicare over the ‘fiscal cliff’ -- in exchange for a paltry, largely symbolic, increase in the top marginal income-tax rate -- we might ask whether liberals will once again rise to Obama’s defense, no matter how indefensible his actions,” writes John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine.

Robert Caro, LBJ and the Pursuit of Power

Jun 12, 2012
Robert Caro has so far spent 36 years writing the saga of Lyndon Johnson -- more time than the ambitious Texan spent climbing from Congress to the White House. Caro just released his fourth installment, “The Passage of Power,” which chronicles Johnson’s exit from a strong position in the Senate into the relative powerlessness of the vice presidency.

From LBJ to BHO

Nov 12, 2008
The 36th president of the United States seems strangely absent in the current celebrations. Perhaps Lyndon B. Johnson is not fondly remembered, but his triumphs paved the long road to Barack Obama's historic presidency.

Henry ‘the Hammer’ Waxman Shows Issa Who’s Boss

May 22, 2008
EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson got the oversight chairman's blood going by refusing to answer a straightforward question, but it was fellow Congressman Darrell Issa who sent Waxman's gavel flying. The best part about being chairman is you get to say: "I will have you physically removed from this meeting if you don't stop."

Could L.A. Accidentally Elect a White Separatist?

May 19, 2008
Not many people pay attention to judicial elections, especially one held in June, and it's for that reason that some Angelenos are worried about the campaign of William Johnson. A white separatist, Johnson is apparently counting on a lack of attention and the support of Ron Paul's local organization to help him to victory.

Changing of the Guard for British Gov’t

May 3, 2008
To say it was a politically interesting week would be a case of British understatement: London gained a new mayor -- Boris Johnson, who beat incumbent Ken Livingstone to become the first Conservative to win the office -- and Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labour Party took a drubbing in local elections across the U.K. on May Day.