Bush’s Grandfather Linked to Fascist Plot

Jul 26, 2007
Back in the 1930s a general by the name of Smedley Butler exposed a plot to overthrow the government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and install a fascist oligarchy backed by some of America's most powerful business leaders and conservatives. Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., was among those linked to the plan. BBC Radio investigates.
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The Next Generation of Fascists

Jul 3, 2007
At a rock concert in Zagreb, Croatia, this weekend, a young generation of concert-goers displayed a disturbing nostalgia for fascism. Thousands of fans responded to rock star Marko Perkovic by giving the Nazi salute and shouting slogans from WWII.

Hedges Debates Hitchens

Jun 1, 2007
Those Truthdig readers who are following the Chris Hedges vs Sam Harris exchanges on our site may be interested to read that Hedges subsequently faced off with atheist author and provocateur Christopher Hitchens for a debate in Berkeley about religion and politics Also, check out this funny and insightful interview with Hitchens.

Hedges Explores Colbert’s Alternate Reality

Feb 12, 2007
Here at Truthdig, we can't get enough of Chris Hedges and his takedown of the radical Christian right. (See our interview with him.) So here's the "American Fascists" author (No. 29 at Amazon.com) holding his own against Stephen Colbert's absurdist onslaught. Jump for videos.

Hedges on Christian Fascism

Feb 9, 2007
If you'd like a video supplement to the Truthdig interview with controversial author Chris Hedges, check out Hedges' recent appearance on the Canadian talk show "The Hour."