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Truthdig's Top 10 Cartoons of 2017

Mike Keefe / Cagle Cartoons

In the year when President Obama ended his tenure and Donald Trump took over, it may not surprise readers to see that the majority of the most popular Truthdig cartoons of 2017 had to do with U.S. presidents.

Take a look at which cartoons by our regulars, including Mr. Fish, Mark Fiore and Jeff Danziger, made the cut this year.

10. God Damn You All to Hell by MR. FISH:

9. The Intelligence Community by JEFF DANZIGER:

8. The Obama Farewell Addendum by MARK FIORE:

7. America First by ARAM SINNREICH:

6. Trump Has a Dream, Too by MARK FIORE:

5. Orange History Week by MIKE LUCKOVICH:

4. Just to Be Clear by MR. FISH:

3. Señor Spicer by JEFF DANZIGER

2. Mourning Glory by MR. FISH:

1. Alternative Reality by MARK FIORE:

Before you go, remember to check out Truthdig’s holiday animation “Let It Trickle,” by Mark Fiore, and take a look at all of Truthdig’s past holiday animations here.

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