Now that Michael Bloomberg has officially entered the race (much to the chagrin of journalists working for him), it’s time to take a closer look at how the Democratic National Committee helps shape the race. With frequent Democratic debates happening amid the bacchanal of Donald Trump corruption, it’s hard for a candidate in a crowded field to stand out.

That’s where your trusty DNC comes in, right? They must know exactly what they’re doing when they dial up the metrics needed to qualify for a televised debate. Sure, anyone can run for president—but that doesn’t mean just anyone will be seen.

Spending millions of your own fortune surely helps get you in front of the people; something tells me if Beto O’Rourke was a billionaire we’d still be talking about him.

Enjoy the ongoing debates, and let’s hope we find someone who can beat our current disaster of a president. And be sure to stop by and visit me on my Patreon site, since I am not, alas, a billionaire. (Btw, you may notice the animation is presented by The Recount—it’s a new media startup that I’m working with to create episodes of Animocracy.)