The political neophyte at the center of the country’s most-watched Senate primary race says it’s the mainstream media that trivialize campaigns, while the blogs dig into issues. Read the exclusive Truthdig interview.


On the MSM vs. Blogs:

“When I talk to the mainstream media, its all about process and money and delegates. It was the blogs who said, ‘Hey, there are compelling issues out there, and letҒs see how Lamont stands.’ Whatever the blogs reputation, they opened the door to more serious discourse than the mainstream media did.”

On the war on drugs:

“I could talk about dealing with it in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Colombiaҗwherever the sources are, but lets face it–the law of supply and demand: As long as thereҒs an overwhelming demand here, drugs are going to find their way in.”

On what he expects from Lieberman’s campaign:

“I expect his campaign wont mention my name, theyҒll belittle the seriousness of our effort. They wont engage on issues; theyҒll talk a lot about process…”

On gay marriage:

“There are some places where the government should butt out and leave people alone. And if two people are in love and want to get married, God bless em.”

On Democratic state parties:

“The state party brass, they donҒt like primaries. Competition is a little unsettling to them.”

Full interview


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