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Lieberman to Speak at GOP Convention

Aug 21, 2008
Here's some news that's bound to spark outrage from within the Democratic ranks: None other than Sen. Joe Lieberman, "Independent Democrat" and vice presidential candidate on the 2000 Democratic ticket, is slated to speak at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Minnesota.

The Lamont Lesson

May 30, 2008
Though he lost in the general election, Ned Lamont showed that representing the public's anti-war sentiment and ignoring Washington's self-appointed gurus wins national elections. And as the current campaign unfolds, the Lamont Lesson is resurfacing.

Lieberman In Decline

Apr 8, 2008
While he continues to get tremendous support from Republicans (go figure), Joe Lieberman is on the outs with Democrats and independents in his home district, according to a new poll. Were an election held today, 74 percent of Democrats would vote for Ned Lamont, while the same percentage of Republicans would vote for Lieberman over their own candidate.
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Is Dick Cheney a Sith Lord?

Aug 15, 2006
That's the undertone of Washington Post columnist Dan Froomkin's article about the widespread criticism of Dick Cheney's suggestion that those who voted for Ned Lamont are aiding and abetting terrorists Froomkin: "Cheney may have crossed the line that separates legitimate political discourse from hysteria" .

A Vast Right- and Indie-Wing Conspiracy?

Aug 14, 2006
After Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman both said that Ned Lamont's Senate primary victory counted as a win for the terrorists, Lamont told the AP, "It surprised me it seemed almost orchestrated" We were going to headline this "A Vast Right- and Left-Wing Conspiracy," but couldn't -- now that Lieberman has given the middle finger to the left.