VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren: Anyone Who Says ‘Change Is Just Too Hard’ Is in ‘Bed With the Billionaires’

The Massachusetts senator's fiery speech on the Senate floor Friday echoed some of Bernie Sanders' powerful criticisms of Hillary Clinton. Although Warren hasn't endorsed any of the Democratic candidates (and is in fact the only female senator not to have endorsed Clinton), that hasn't stopped speculation.

Politico and others have all but called Warren's endorsement of Clinton inevitable. However, such an endorsement would seem like a betrayal to the many progressives who support Warren and are far more in line with Sanders' views than Clinton's.

The Washington Post points out,

... some observers think Warren maximizes [her] influence by holding off on any endorsement as long as she can.

“The longer she holds out, the more it will push all the candidates, especially those who might not be as good on her issues, to be as strong as possible on them,” Neil Sroka, a spokesman for the progressive group Democracy for America, tells me. “She holds on to that power as long as the candidates continue to vie for her endorsement. In turn, that makes the candidates better for progressives. Everything about Warren suggests that this is her ultimate concern: how do we get our Democratic nominee to be as strong as possible in the fight against income inequality and for Wall Street accountability?” So holding out could keep Clinton worried about shoring up her progressive flank.

In any case, the speech she delivered on the sixth anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision underscored her true concerns -- essentially the same as Sanders' central goal: getting big money out of politics.

Watch her excellent, detailed speech about how we can go about accomplishing this goal, below.

— Posted by Natasha Hakimi Zapata

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