VIDEO: ‘Days of Revolt’: Mexican Activists Are Rewriting Destroyed Constitution

NAFTA has been a nightmare for Mexico since it signed the agreement with the United States and Canada in 1994. The neoliberal project has stripped constitutional rights from the Mexican people and created a reign of oppression, repression and terror. In this edition of teleSUR’s “Days of Revolt,” Chris Hedges and Mexican activists Pauline Luna and Jessica Alcazar -- both members of Jovenes ante la Emergencia Nacional (Youth Against the National Emergency) -- discuss the effects of NAFTA and their demands for a new constitution.

“All of [the human rights in Mexico] were destroyed,” Luna explains. “And there were [accusations] … of genocide, about what was going on. And the state of Mexico, actually the government of Mexico, is an accomplice in this. And so ... we all got together and we were all thinking, OK, so our Constitution has been destroyed. What are we going to do about that? And that's why this new project that's called Constituyente Ciudadania [the Constitution of the Citizen] actually was born."

“[We want to] rebuild the foundations of our country,” Alcazar says in Spanish. “[We want to promote] the need to fight for the country as a whole, because we have been blindsided and dispossessed. We live in our country, but it is no longer ours. We have been subordinated by NAFTA and the rest of neoliberal policies imposed by our northern neighbor, the United States.”

Watch the full interview posted by The Real News below.

--Posted by Eric Ortiz

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