Madoff’s Victims Speak Out

Mar 22, 2009
Some of them have only their homes, while others have no remaining assets and no means to earn income, but all of the former clients of Bernard Madoff (above) whose statements were made public by the government on Friday described in nightmarish terms their experiences since Madoff's fraudulent investment empire crumbled.

Search Is On for More Manson Victims

May 10, 2008
When a Southern California TV station recently ran a story about the possibility of authorities finding more victims of Charles Manson and his followers in Death Valley, it seemed like just another unseemly attempt to trump up a slow news night. Perhaps it was, but the story has now gotten a boost from the BBC, which reports that excavations aimed at finding bodies at Barker Ranch will start in 10 days.
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Slain Lebanese Children Fuel Arab Fury

Jul 31, 2006
Images of Lebanese children killed by Israeli missiles, like the one above, were being broadcast almost nonstop on all Arab-language satellite channels on Sunday The pictures have splashed gasoline on the flames of international outrage directed not only at Israel but also at America, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan -- all of which in effect condoned Israel's actions at the start of the hostilities Update: Israel said it bombed Qana because "it was a base for hundreds of rockets launched at Israel, including 40 that injured five Israelis on Sunday Israel said it had warned civilians several days before to leave the village "Hezbollah is using their own civilian population as human shields," said Israeli Foreign Ministry official Gideon Meir" .