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Fox Strikes Back

Oct 27, 2006
Michael J Fox defends his advocacy against Rush Limbaugh's ignoble attack: "Because the thing about being symptomatic is that it's not comfortable No one wants to be symptomatic; it's like being hit with a hammer".

Bush Inventing Reasons to Oppose Stem Cell Research

Aug 25, 2006
Don't both Bush with new facts; his mind's made up. Even though scientists have discovered a way to experiment on stem cells without killing viable embryos, Bush still opposes the research, for maddeningly opaque reasons. A spokesperson tried to say it's because the research wasn't peer-reviewed, but that's just false. (Above photo a satire)

Win-Win for Stem Cell Research

Aug 24, 2006
A U.S. research team has developed a method for creating stem cell lines without destroying human embryos by removing a single cell, leaving the embryo intact. If the technique proves to be effective, it should deflate the nonsense rhetoric of right-wing strategists who argue that the surplus embryos used by scientists?destined for disposal anyway?should not be used for lifesaving research.