standardized testing

Schooling Scholars on Classroom Success

Aug 21, 2010
There is of course no doubt that our public education system is broken. There is also no doubt that wages are too low. But blaming “bad teachers” is not the answer to either. These days everyone seems to think teachers need improving -- even people who uncover evidence to the contrary.
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A Teachable Moment From an Esteemed Teacher

Jul 12, 2010
At a time when our country's educational system is sliding down our government's priority list, it takes reminders like this one, by noted California educator Jim Mamer, to set us straight and offer some much-needed inspiration.Educator Jim Mamer offers some much-needed inspiration and a timely reminder about the need to keep our nation's educational priorities straight.

The Rebirth of Education

Mar 3, 2009
A friend of mine, J.M. Zimmerman, once stated that to revitalize our schools, engage our children and ultimately save our planet will require “the death of education and its rebirth.” Sometimes systems are so flawed that they need to be scrapped and replaced rather than fiddled with or fixed.