sea ice

Arctic Finishes Warmest Winter on Record

Mar 6, 2018
Sea ice has hit record lows for this time of year, data also show. "It's just crazy, crazy stuff," says a scientist who has been studying the polar region since 1982.
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Arctic Has Lost Enough Ice to Cover Texas

Apr 7, 2009
Although this wasn't the worst winter on record for retention of Arctic sea ice, a report from NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center says that the region is now missing a Texas-sized chunk of the stuff that keeps polar bears alive and cities above sea level. More alarming, the ice that is there is younger, thinner and more fragile than in years past.

Ozone Pollution Is More Harmful Than Realized

Mar 15, 2006
Ozone, which had been considered a minor player in global climate change, is actually a major factor in the dramatic warming of the Arctic zone, according to NASA. Worse, scientists are reporting that climate change is "irreversible," as Arctic sea ice has failed to re-form for the second year in a row.