rupert murdoch

Bill Moyers Lets Loose on Rupert Murdoch

Jul 2, 2007
Media icon Bill Moyers objects not just to Rupert Murdoch's politics but to the damage he says the mogul has done to the ailing Fourth Estate And in this critique, the venerable journalist doesn't hold back: "If Rupert Murdoch were the angel Gabriel, you still wouldn't want him owning the sun, the moon and the stars But Rupert Murdoch is no saint He is to propriety what the Marquis de Sade was to chastity".

Court Rules Against FCC Censorship

Jun 5, 2007
In a landmark ruling, a federal appeals court has sided with broadcasters against the Federal Communications Commission on the issue of indecency, saying the regulatory body has not adequately explained how the Constitution could permit the censorship of "indecent" language.

Beware Murdoch’s ‘Necessary Promises’

May 17, 2007
While Rupert Murdoch is as conscious of his image as any other legendary villain, he also seems to possess a sense of humor -- or at least somebody around him does. Early in his ongoing bid to take over Dow Jones Publishing and The Wall Street Journal, a Murdoch spokesman said that the media mogul would reassure those who may fear for the paper's independence and integrity with all of the "necessary promises."
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Not Worth the Trouble

Nov 21, 2006
News Corp has canceled the publication of OJ Simpson's hypothetical misadventure "If I Did It," along with its accompanying TV special After making the announcement, Rupert Murdoch apologized to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson for the "ill-considered project" Earlier: Truthdig names O "Sicko of the Week".