No-Tax Pledge Is Paralyzing Congress

Oct 5, 2011
A House Republican spoke out against anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist on Tuesday, saying his no-tax pledge and demands for "ideological purity" are responsible for "paralyzing Congress" during a time when a discussion about tax reform should be a high priority.

China Pledges Fewer Executions

Jul 29, 2009
China, which carries out more executions than any country -- Iran comes in a semi-close second -- is pledging to reduce the number of people killed by the state. While far from abolishing the death penalty, the government is narrowing the definition of execution-worthy crime.

Virginity Pledge? What Virginity Pledge?

Jan 1, 2009
A new study looking at virginity pledges -- promises made by teenagers to wait until marriage for sex -- has found that such vows largely fell flaccid, as sexual behavior of pledged teens was little different than non-pledgers, and that, hilariously, a whopping 82 percent, five years later, had either forgotten or denied taking the pledge.
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Purity Ball Entrance Fee: Intact Hymen

May 4, 2006
States like Colorado are holding dances in which fathers goad their daughters into pledging to remain virgins until marriage. (Never mind that abstinence pledges actually increase risky sexual activity.) You won't believe the creepy anti-sex scripts the fathers read. Blog entry on the phenomenon Blog entry with actual scripts Purity Ball website Damning study on abstinence pledges Bill Maher's reaction to the study