States like Colorado are holding dances in which fathers goad their daughters into pledging to remain virgins until marriage. (Never mind that abstinence pledges actually increase risky sexual activity.) You won’t believe the creepy anti-sex scripts the fathers read.

  • Blog entry on the phenomenon
  • Blog entry with actual scripts
  • Purity Ball website
  • Damning study on abstinence pledges
  • Bill Maher’s reaction to the study
  • (via Pandagon and Salon)


    I feel icky just writing that post title, but there is no way in hell to compete with the ickiness that is the new, exciting way for wingnuts to hoodwink their daughters into swearing up and down they?ll protect their brideprice stay virgins until marriage. Apparently, it?s not enough anymore to bribe very young teenagers with silver rings and a quick church ceremony to convince people who probably should have had pets instead of children if they?re so worried about their young?uns growing up to fuck (since you can legally neuter your pets) that their precious daughters will never have a sexual urge in their lives.

    And make no mistake, this is about daughters ? there are father/daughter purity balls where the father, unable to lay claim to his actual flesh and blood through the way he laid claim to his other female property, his wife, instead has an elaborate ritual where he extracts a promise from her that her vagina is his until he sells it she marries someone he presumably approves of.


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