The U.N. in Haiti: Time to Adapt or Time to Go

Sep 1, 2011
After seven years in Haiti, it is time for the UN peacekeeping mission to either significantly refocus its mission or close its operation and leave the business of governing and reconstruction to the Haitians themselvesIt is time for the U peacekeeping mission in Haiti to either significantly refocus its mission or close its operation completely.

Haitians Protest U.N. ‘Occupation’

Oct 16, 2010
A crowd of about 100 protesters has blocked the entrance to the UN military headquarters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, spraying anti-U slogans on vehicles and carrying banners saying "Down with the occupation!" while news comes that U peacekeeping forces will remain in the beleaguered country for an additional year.
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Cannibalism Charge at Hague Trial

Mar 14, 2008
Gruesome details are emerging from the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor (above, right), the former president of Liberia. The leader of one of Taylor's death squads has testified that the president ordered his militias to cannibalize their enemies, including African and U.N. peacekeepers.

Secretary-General ‘Humbled’ by Darfur

Sep 6, 2007
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has braved pro-government protests to visit a refugee camp in Darfur, where he said he was "shocked and humbled" by the "hardship all these tens of thousands of people were undergoing." Residents at the camp gave the world's top diplomat a warm greeting, chanting "Welcome, welcome Ban Ki-moon."

U.N. Approves Peacekeepers for Darfur

Aug 1, 2007
The UN Security Council has unanimously approved the world's largest peacekeeping force, with as many as 26,000 troops and police officers, to take over operations in Darfur The joint effort between the U and the African Union will have the necessary mandate to defend civilians and aid workers, but it remains unclear how quickly the force can be deployed.

U.N. Peacekeepers Killed in Lebanon

Jun 25, 2007
Six U.N. peacekeepers from the Spanish army were killed Sunday when their vehicle was attacked with an explosive device. Condoleezza Rice, her French and Spanish counterparts and even Hezbollah have all condemned the attack. No one has claimed responsibility. Tensions have been high in Lebanon with Lebanese forces battling an extremist militant group for over a month.

U.S. Gives Sudan Ultimatum

Apr 24, 2007
Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte has told the Sudanese government it must either cooperate with a UN peacekeeping plan or face sanctions However, the US has agreed to give U Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon time to work with Khartoum before pressing the issue.

Sudan Signals Acceptance of U.N. Peacekeepers

Apr 17, 2007
The Sudanese government has indicated to the United Nations Security Council that it will allow a second phase of UN peacekeepers to deploy, retreating from the long-held position that such a force would compromise its sovereignty However, Khartoum has a history of reneging on promises to the U.

U.N. Pledges Revitalized Darfur Effort

Jan 6, 2007
The United Nations has begun a renewed effort to address the ongoing genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has promised to give the crisis his full attention, though many world leaders have made similar commitments to no avail.

U.N. OK’s Peacekeeping in Darfur

Sep 1, 2006
The U.N. Security Council has approved plans to create a peacekeeping force in Darfur, but will not deploy the troops until Sudan agrees. The force of up to 22,500 would "replace or absorb" the 7,000 African Union soldiers whose mandate expires Sept. 30. (h/t: Think Progress)

French Offer More Troops

Aug 25, 2006
Not to be outdone by the Italians, France has raised its troop commitment to 2,000, hoping to retain its leadership role in the peacekeeping effort in Lebanon. Kofi Annan was initially displeased with Europe's response to the call for a peacekeeping force.