Michael Deibert

Michael Deibert

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Michael Deibert is a former contributor at Truthdig. An author, journalist and researcher at the Centro de Estudos Internacionais at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, his work has appeared in The Guardian, The Washington...


The U.N. in Haiti: Time to Adapt or Time to Go

Sep 1, 2011
After seven years in Haiti, it is time for the UN peacekeeping mission to either significantly refocus its mission or close its operation and leave the business of governing and reconstruction to the Haitians themselvesIt is time for the U peacekeeping mission in Haiti to either significantly refocus its mission or close its operation completely.

Old Habits Die Hard in New Orleans

Jun 20, 2011
New Orleans, despite its great charm, can often seem like a city out of place and time, where the fortress-like class dynamic one sees in economically stratified societies such as those of Central America has somehow set down pernicious roots.Things were not supposed to turn out like this.

Cartel Wars

May 17, 2011
In the annals of a conflict that has killed more than 34,600 since Mexican President Felipe Calderon militarized his country’s battle against drug traffickers in December 2006, the conflict in Tamaulipas is writing a new and bloody chapter. Like Jesús Malverde, Santa Muerte has become an object of veneration among Mexico’s criminals.