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Truthdigger of the Week: Bradley Manning

Aug 4, 2013
After a three year court-martial ended in a conviction on 17 counts of theft, espionage and other alleged crimes against the interests of the American public, Pfc Bradley Manning, the admitted source of the largest classified leak in US history, is still freeAfter a three year court-martial ended in a damning conviction, Pfc.

Blame the Midas Touch

Jul 17, 2009
If one tries to draw an urgently contemporary lesson from Greek myth, the story of Midas is irresistible. It provides a commentary on our global economic and financial crisis, in which the pursuit of wealth has ruined us.Whether in today's finance or Greek myth, the pursuit of wealth is ruinous.

Interrogator: Torture Endangers America

Feb 26, 2008
Former FBI interrogator Jack Cloonan spills the beans to Foreign Policy Magazine about the techniques he used on top al-Qaida operatives. Cloonan explains that the ticking-time-bomb scenario often used to rationalize torture is a myth and that waterboarding only motivates the enemy to get revenge -- even if it takes a generation.