moshe adler

The Gulag Prisoners of Pennsylvania

Jan 19, 2011
In a recent story titled "A Push to Privatize Pennsylvania Liquor Stores," New York Times reporter Katharine Seelye described a state-owned liquor store in Forest City, Pa, that ran out of eggnog before Christmas and concluded that customers of these stores are "like prisoners in the gulag" (more).
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Cuba by the Numbers

Sep 30, 2010
Fidel Castro recently told The Atlantic that the Cuban model does not work anymore, not even for Cuba. But according to statistics collected by none other than the CIA, the Cuban model has actually worked very well. Fidel Castro recently said the Cuban model does not work anymore, but according to CIA statistics, it has actually worked very well.

Pitting Worker Against Worker

May 1, 2010
In this May Day special feature, economist Moshe Adler argues that the answer to our immigration, labor and broader economic problems is more immigration and more welfare for all.