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Here’s a Way to Hold Wall Street Accountable

Feb 14, 2016
We don’t have to stand by and watch the next financial crisis unfold. A new group named Bank Whistleblowers United has created a plan to avoid catastrophe. The question is: Will President Obama take advantage of it?
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Link Arms, We Are All Connected

Nov 9, 2014
For five days in a row this week a federal agency was blockaded by protesters, delaying workers, sending a strong message of demands and resulting in scores of arrests. Did you hear about the blockades in the corporate media?

Vets Win Expansion of Freedom of Speech and Right to Assemble

Oct 10, 2014
For the past three years, members of Veterans For Peace and their allies have gathered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Lower Manhattan on the date of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to mark another year of a war and call for peace. This year, they were finally able to do so without facing a small army of police threatening arrest.

Ferguson Exposes the Reality of Militarized, Racist Policing

Aug 17, 2014
Hundreds of thousands of Americans watched over the course of a week as military-style police tear gassed a community in mourning, chased them with rubber bullets, and abused and arrested reporters. This is an opportunity to advance the cause of transforming law enforcement.

Crowdsourcing Our Way Out of the Democracy Crisis

Jul 14, 2014
An increasing number of Americans are getting fed up with the phony democracy that exists in the United States. Across the nation people are engaging in democracy rebellions as they re-examine the nation’s roots, especially with the 4th of July weekend recently passing.

Ending Empire Is as Crucial as Confronting Wall Street

Jun 22, 2014
In the last week, there has been a rapid march toward military action in Iraq despite widespread opposition to more war among the U.S. population. One concern is that it would require more military spending despite immense and unmet needs for funding in a broad array of areas at home.