mad men
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AP Stylebook Addresses Illegal Immigration

Apr 5, 2013
"Illegal" describes an action, not a person, says The Associated Press; Vice President Joe Biden claims television shows like "Will & Grace" helped change the American public's attitude toward gay marriage; meanwhile, Kansas legislators are close to passing a law that would quarantine people with HIV. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Partisan Programming: Dems vs. GOP

Nov 11, 2010
What effect, if any, does party affiliation have on Americans' preferences for televised entertainment? Is this not a question that keeps you up at night? Turns out that the thinly veiled liberal social politics of "Mad Men" appeal to Democrats -- as does murder, apparently.

‘Mad Men’ Gets the Barbie Treatment

Mar 11, 2010
They don't come with the full range of accessories to complement their onscreen characters -- eg, cigarettes, cocktails, someone else's dog tags -- but Mattel's new line of "Mad Men" Barbie dolls at least includes a mistress, in the form of a plastic Joan Holloway But Joan's famous assets (continued).