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Sheerly Avni is a Mexico City-based film and culture writer. A former editor of, she also has written for The San Francisco Chronicle, LA Weekly, San Francisco Magazine, AlterNet and Truthdig. Her book...


Stephen Elliott: The Art of the Overshare

Oct 22, 2010
"The Adderall Diaries" author isn't one to hold back, as readers of his memoir -- not to mention his tweets, blogs, "overly personal emails," essays and online magazine, The Rumpus -- know well. Here, he opens up about his literary projects, his hyperlocal politics and the role of narcissism in his work.The self-reflective "Adderall Diaries" author opens up about his literary projects, his hyperlocal politics and the role of narcissism in his work.

Tragedy Repeats Itself

Dec 28, 2008
With Gaza exploding in violence and the eyes of the world fixed once again on the Middle East, "Waltz With Bashir" may be the most important movie of the season. As an "animated documentary," it's also in a genre all its own.

Get Milk

Nov 26, 2008
Gus Van Sant’s "Milk" is a movie to be thankful for. Go see it, tonight if you can, and in a crowded theater. Then open up some merlot and watch the documentary "The Times of Harvey Milk," by Robert Epstein -- because these two films belong together.

It’s the Ecstasy, Stupid

Jul 3, 2007
Oakland's skyrocketing murder rate has experts scratching their heads, but cultural critic Sheerly Avni suggests that one answer lies in plain sight. Just ask the kids who are likeliest to kill and be killed, and you will learn that a major villain is the "hug drug."

‘Don?t Stop ? ‘ — David Chase?s Maddening ‘Sopranos’ Finale

Jun 11, 2007
Of all the endings that "Sopranos" aficionados may have anticipated, Sunday night's series finale probably defied almost of all their expectations, for better or for worse. Judging by the fans' reactions on the HBO site that night, "for worse" may be the majority opinion. Contributor Sheerly Avni weighs in on the controversial send-off of Tony and his famiglia. Warning: Spoiler alert.