House GOP Runs Amok

Jan 14, 2007
It's every Republican for himself in the House these days. A quick check of vote counts during the opening salvo of the Democrats' 100-hour legislative blitz reveals droves of GOP defections. In the words of one representative: "Times have changed. I don't want to be someone who they say is too stubborn to change too."

House Passes Stem Cell Bill

Jan 12, 2007
The House has passed legislation in support of stem cell research. The vote was 253 to 174. President Bush's only use of the veto was to nix a similar bill last year, and this proposed expansion of research is seen as a direct challenge to him.

100-Hour Agenda Steams Along

Jan 10, 2007
House Democrats are on a legislative roll, but the security bill they just passed by a wide margin is expected to meet with tougher opposition in the Senate. The legislation would implement recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission, including beefing up port security.
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Get Ready, Here They Come

Jan 2, 2007
Democrats are set to blitz Congress with a legislative agenda that tackles stem cell research, the minimum wage, ethics, 9/11 commission recommendations, oil subsidies, education and prescription drugs -- all before President Bush arrives at the capital for the State of the Union address Jan. 23.

New Jersey Gets Civil Unions

Dec 15, 2006
Both houses of New Jersey's Legislature have approved the creation of civil unions, granting the protections of marriage to gay couples as required by a recent court ruling. The governor has said he will sign the bill, making New Jersey the third state to adopt civil unions.

McCain Hates Blogs

Dec 15, 2006
Sen. John McCain has launched an assault against the independent blogosphere by introducing legislation that would, among other things, make bloggers responsible for comments and copyrighted material posted on their sites, with fines of up to $300,000.

Administration Seeks to Protect ?Interrogation? Methods

Sep 8, 2006
Legislation put forward by the Bush administration this week would legalize the same torture techniques recently banned by the Army. By selectively interpreting the Geneva Conventions, the legislation would allow CIA operatives and even the Army, should it decide to revert to previous rules, to conduct interrogations using unsavory methods.

Gov. Corzine Orders New Jersey Government Shut Down

Jul 2, 2006
A first in the state's history, the executive order halted road construction and lottery ticket sales, and put over half the state's 80,000 employees on furlough. Gov. Jon S. Corzine ordered the shutdown after legislators missed a June 30 budget deadline due to disagreements over a measure to raise the sales tax to close a budget gap. Depending on a court ruling, the state's 12 casinos may also have to shut their doors.