America the Failed State
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The Canadian philosopher and writer John Ralston Saul says the U.S. government is undergoing a “corporate coup d'état in slow motion” and that the coup, which includes the Trump election, could put the nation on the path to being a failed state.

The Courtiers and the Tyrants
Chris Hedges

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We must not confuse the political elites who function as courtiers to corporate power with the tyrannical leaders who actually drive corporatism. Our real enemy, lurking behind the curtain, is usually faceless and anonymous.

VIDEO: Chris Hedges and John Ralston Saul Discuss Neoliberalism, False Populism and Donald Trump


“I think that the word 'ideology' has to be used very carefully But when people come forward with rather simplistic truths -- you already know you’re in trouble when they say they’ve got the truth -- and they say: 'This is what must happen This is how things work This is what dominates society' That’s an ideology"“I think that the word 'ideology' has to be used very carefully'".

The Imperative of Revolt
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Two leading political philosophers, Sheldon Wolin and John Ralston Saul, explore the corporations' slow-motion coup d’état and the prospects of financial collapse and revolt (Above, a moment in a Sept 22 protest at the intersection of Wall Street and Broad Street in New York City) .

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