international energy agency

Keeping Cool on a Warming Planet

May 17, 2018
A new report by the International Energy Agency explores energy-efficient possibilities for meeting future demand for air conditioning, but cooperation among governments is key.
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Fracking Gets Its Own Occupy Movement

Jan 26, 2012
While most anti-fracking activists have been responding to harms already done, New York state’s resistance movement has been waging a battle to keep harm at bay.

Climate on the Brink

May 30, 2011
In keeping with predictions made by the world's most sober and clear-eyed climate and energy experts, the rate of increase in greenhouse gas emissions is occurring more rapidly than official reports forecast, and a disastrous average global temperature rise of more than 2 degrees Celsius appears imminent and unavoidable. (more)

China Now Consumes More Energy Than Anyone Else

Jul 21, 2010
The United States' century-long reign as the world's greediest energy nation is over. China has usurped the throne, as expected, though Beijing reportedly disputes the title. The International Energy Agency, which keeps track of these things, also points out that China's per capita consumption is below the global average and far less than the U.S.'