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The Congressional Push for Secrecy

Aug 8, 2012
The U.S. Congress -- one of the branches intended by America’s founders to balance the president’s power -- is showing just as much and in some cases more interest in preserving a growing culture of secrecy as its executive counterpart, says Steven Aftergood, secrecy researcher at the Federation of American Scientists.

Privacy by Design

Jul 24, 2012
Nicholas Merrill is tired of waiting for Congress to protect Americans' privacy online So he plans to force the matter by changing the way telecommunication companies do business So he plans to change the way telecommunication companies do business.

FBI: Inventing the Terrorist Boogeyman

May 21, 2012
Protesters coaxed by federal agents into plotting terrorist attacks are imprisoned without bond while known terrorists are allowed to walk free the day of their arrest. The difference? Political ideology: The entrapped “criminals” are associates of the Occupy movement, while the actual terrorists are merely well-established violent white supremacists.