Save Money and the Planet at the Same Time

Jan 9, 2007
The higher cost of hybrid cars is worth it in the long run, according to a comprehensive new study. When considering not just fuel economy but insurance, maintenance, depreciation and other factors, a Toyota Prius owner can expect to save $13,408 over five years, compared with a non-hybrid in the same class.

Dogma National Park

Jan 2, 2007
If you've been thinking about a vacation to the Grand Canyon but worried someone might try to assault you with information, fear not. Park employees are not allowed to reveal the true age of the formation for fear of offending Christians, and the bookstore features a manuscript claiming the canyon was created during Noah's flood.

A Grim Outlook for 2007

Dec 31, 2006
A majority of Americans believe 2007 will bring a terrorist attack on the US, a major natural disaster and an increase in global warming, according to a new AP poll Less than a third believe the U will withdraw from Iraq, while 25 percent expect the second coming of Jesus.
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Polar Bears Threatened

Dec 27, 2006
The Department of the Interior will recommend adding polar bears to the endangered species list, a rare acknowledgment by the Bush administration of the impact of global warming. The world's largest bears depend on ever-shrinking Arctic sea ice for their survival.

Golden State’s Green Law

Dec 25, 2006
California's Global Warming Solutions Act requires the state to cut emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. Industrialists and environmentalists alike are watching intently as the world's seventh-largest economy prepares to meet that goal -- assuming the landmark law survives numerous court challenges.

Global Warming Slams Arctic

Dec 12, 2006
Last month Arctic sea ice shrunk by an area the size of Alaska when compared to historical averages, according to a new study by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. By 2040, summer ice could disappear altogether.