elizabeth taylor

Queen Victoria’s Undies Sold at Auction

Nov 2, 2011
These are strange times in British culture, what with all the Wills-and-Kate worship set against the backdrop of turmoil over austerity measures and a faltering economy, plus the recent news that the terms of Old Blighty's outworn monarchical system are being updated to pander slightly less blatantly to the old boy's club (more).
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Truthdig Radio: Dennis Kucinich Battles Libya Bombing

Mar 24, 2011
On this week's episode, Rep Dennis Kucinich explains why he's trying to defund military action in Libya, Ryan Quinn talks about his new novel, Howie Stier reports from the anti-war movement and Robert Scheer remembers Elizabeth Taylor Update: Full transcriptThis week: Dennis Kucinich on Libya, Ryan Quinn's new novel, Howie Stier on the anti-war movement and Robert Scheer remembers Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor: 1932-2011

Mar 24, 2011
She was a bona fide movie star by age 12, thanks to a horsey little number called "National Velvet," but it's safe to say that Elizabeth Taylor was able to avoid the curse of the child actor, given the countless memorable screen moments she produced over the next 50 years.