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Martin Luther King and the Two 9/11s

Aug 29, 2013
So much has changed since that hot day in August 1963 when Martin Luther King delivered his famous words from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. So much -- and yet so little.

New Bill Would Put Taxpayer-Funded Science Behind Pay Walls

Jan 12, 2012
Right now, if you want to read the published results of the biomedical research that your own tax dollars paid for, all you have to do is visit the digital archive of the National Institutes of Health. But a new bill in Congress wants to change that.

A Sweatshop Game Changer

Oct 23, 2011
In sweatshops around the globe, long hours, poor wages, meager-to-no benefits and miserable conditions have long been the norm. But one apparel company seems intent upon changing all that. Alta Gracia may show that humane clothing production is not only possible, but also profitable. (more)

Kennedy Goes Under the Knife

Jun 2, 2008
Ted Kennedy was to undergo brain surgery Monday morning as part of an aggressive course of treatment for his recently diagnosed cancer. According to the Boston Globe, the senator met with a panel of experts that included representatives of the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute, as well as his own doctors.

When Justice Is Skin-Deep

Apr 26, 2007
The falsely accused Duke lacrosse players deserve their indignation, but so does Jerry Miller, who spent 24 years in jail for a rape he did not commit. It turns out there are many innocent men -- too many of them African-American -- who have done time they shouldn't have, and there are probably many, many more.

Power Exec Struggles With Industry

Oct 23, 2006
James Rogers may head the power industry's main trade association, but he disagrees with the group's opposition to emissions caps. The forward-thinking CEO wants energy providers and the Bush administration to accept the reality of global warming and embrace the future: "The science says we need to act."