Anonymous Strikes Back for Megaupload Bust

Jan 20, 2012
The notorious incognito hacker bandits known collectively as Anonymous have struck again, this time in retaliation for the bust-up of the highly trafficked file-sharing site Megaupload by federal operatives Thursday, by shutting down the DOJ's and the White House's online hubs along with a few key entertainment industry sites.
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Big Money Polices Itself

Jul 9, 2011
The Department of Justice has shied away in recent years from chasing down white-collar crime, relying instead on "deferred prosecution agreements," which essentially have allowed companies, financial institutions especially, to investigate and report their own wrongdoing.

High Times for States’ Rights

Oct 20, 2009
The Justice Department is officially going to quit harshing the mellow of the 13 states that have medical marijuana laws on the books. Dispensaries and patients will no longer have to worry about federal raids -- unless they're "drug traffickers who hide behind claims of compliance with state law."

Overdue Review of Spy Program Lacks Muscle

Nov 28, 2006
The Justice Department will, at long last, examine the NSA's domestic spying program, through which agents have eavesdropped on countless phone calls and e-mails. Unfortunately, the review will not explore the legality of the program and was described by one Democrat as an attempt at appeasement.

NSA Launches Internal Probe Into Spy Program

Jan 11, 2006
Members of Congress question whether the agency can investigate itself | story Meanwhile, a dream team of 14 legal scholars and ex-gov't officials write a memo to the DOJ calling the NSA program illegalhuffingtonpostcom/geoffrey-r-stone/why-the-nsa-surveillance-_b_13522html" title="story">story.