A Nation at the Edge of Social Transformation

Dec 30, 2017
There are several key opportunities to expand progressive movements into a powerful force that will overcome the stranglehold of our corporation-controlled political parties.
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How America Became a Third World Country: 2013-2023

May 22, 2013
The streets are much darker now, since money for streetlights is rarely available to municipal governments. The national parks began closing down years ago. Reports on bridges crumbling or even collapsing are commonplace. It’s 2023 -- and this is America 10 years after the first across-the-board federal budget cuts known as sequestration went into effect.

Too Soon to Tell: The Case for Hope, Continued

May 21, 2013
If you take the long view, you’ll see how startlingly, how unexpectedly but regularly things change. Not by magic, but by the incremental effect of countless acts of courage, love and commitment, the small drops that wear away stones and carve new landscapes, and sometimes by torrents of popular will that change the world suddenly.

The Democratic National Convention Day 3: Recapping President Obama’s Speech

Sep 7, 2012
President Obama invoked "hope" and "change" in his DNC speech, but not in the same way he did in 2008. Instead, he presented a more subdued and realistic view of what his second term in office would look like if he is re-elected in November while trying to show Americans they are better off today than they were four years ago. President Obama invoked "hope" and "change" in his speech, but not like he did in 2008.

Obama’s Re-Election Campaign Begins

May 6, 2012
In an effort to improve upon the 2008 slogans of “Hope” and “Change,” the Obama campaign insisted before an Ohio audience Saturday that the president would take the country “Forward” if voters (and corporate sponsors) elected him to four more years in the White House.