The Manifesto and New Morality of the 9/11 Mastermind

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as the mastermind of 9/11, has released a new manifesto and allegedly come into a new way of thinking and believing. KSM, who claimed responsibility for beheading journalist Daniel Pearl in addition to planning the deadliest terrorist attack in United States history, now says the Quran forbids force “as a means of converting.” Instead, “truth and reality” are brought upon us through “mind and wisdom.” He may be one of the biggest monsters of the 21st century, but Mohammed is in an authoritative position to comment on the war on terror, and his role in it.

In his Manifesto, which was published by the Huffington Post, he says that his fight was never against “freedom and democracy,” as was stated many times in the years following 9/11, but rather against the alleged oppression of Muslims and the supporting of Israel.

He writes that he will be releasing a manifesto soon on “why the Mujahedeen carried out 9/11 and whether it was a terrorist operation or an act of self-defense.” He notes that it will include a chapter on “the truth about the so-called ‘War on Terror.’ ”

The following is a sample, in which he refers to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Did these wars take place to defend the American people and their interests? Were they fought to defend freedom and human rights? Women’s rights? Or were they fought for the benefits and interests of individuals and corporations? Who are those individuals and corporations? What are their interests and benefits? Isn’t it true that they work for the weapons industry lobbies, security contractors or Halliburton sister companies etc.?

–Posted by Donald Kaufman

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