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Seeing Our Wars for the First Time

Jan 6, 2018
More than a decade and a half after an American president spoke of 60 or more countries as potential targets, we finally have a visual representation of the true extent of the war on terror.

‘Democracy Now!’: The Costs of the Iraq War

Dec 17, 2011
This week's official end to the Iraq War brought a good deal of back-patting among the leaders responsible for its origin and duration, but "Democracy Now!" host Amy Goodman delivers a grim reality check in this clip from Friday's broadcast featuring analysis and commentary from Brown University professor Catherine Lutz.

World Is Flat and Full of Meringue

Apr 25, 2008
Thomas Friedman, global capitalist and semantically inept columnist for The New York Times, was gastronomically assaulted by pie-throwers at Brown University on Earth Day this week. At issue was Friedman's laissez-faire attitude toward solving global environmental issues, which protesters felt was structurally inadequate and ultimately regressive.