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Prison Fire Kills More Than 300 in Honduras

Feb 15, 2012
One inmate's reported death wish led to the immolation of more than 300 people at a Honduran prison after the apparent instigator set fire to his mattress on Wednesday in the town of Comayagua, where some 356 others were still missing after the blaze, according to The Associated Press.

Arson Sparked L.A. Inferno

Sep 4, 2009
It's been over a week since the latest and biggest fire to scorch large parts of the Greater Los Angeles region began, and according to U.S. Forest Service officials it's now known that the blaze was caused by deliberate human intervention -- otherwise known as arson.

Burning Down the House

Apr 21, 2008
From the L Times: "In what appears to be the latest symptom of the nation's mortgage meltdown and credit crisis, insurers, law enforcement officials and state agencies nationwide report a jump in home and automobile fires in the last year believed to have been set by owners unable to pay their debts".

Renewed Violence in France

Oct 26, 2006
Authorities are scrambling to address a possible resurgence of violence after two buses were torched near Paris on Wednesday. Last year's civil unrest led to the destruction of some 9,000 vehicles in and around the city.