Estimated 1 in 4 U.S. Hackers Working for the Man

Jun 7, 2011
One year after suspected WikiLeaker Pfc. Bradley Manning was outed to the FBI by his confidant, Adrian Lamo, the hacking community is steeped in tension and mistrust, with the publisher of a popular trade journal estimating that a quarter of all U.S. hackers are recruited informers for the federal government.

Hackers to the Rescue

Jun 6, 2011
This weekend, hackers from around the world met at "hackathon" events to tackle climate change and disaster-risk management during the semiannual Random Hacks of Kindness global conference. (more)
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Resistance, Acquiescence and My Friend J. Edgar Hoover

Dec 11, 2010
Three moments -- 1911, 1964, now -- coming together compelled me to think about when and why people resist power, why they acquiesce, and why, sometimes, they may believe they are resisting when they are in truth acquiescing. If it is so self-evident that the Triangle Army was compelled to say “enough is enough” back then and act on that resolve, what has happened now?