In his annual message of “You’re Welcome,” President Trump regales the nation with some of his recent highlights, or lowlights, depending. Clearly, Trump merely mentioning the Rakes of Finland brought some much-needed relief in the form of rain to California. 

But that was just a quick stop on the way to acting as Saudi Arabia’s top public relations agent. In short: Blood for oil is OK as long as it’s an “enemy of the state” journalist. Remember, it’s about the deals! The White House statement laying this out begins and ends with the call of “America First!”

And in case you missed it amidst the deluge, Trump’s own attorneys had to threaten him with impeachment in order to warn him away from using the Department of Justice for his own political purposes. You know, locking up political opponents and things like that. Good thing Trump’s acting attorney general has a line on a good-time travel machine and a “masculine toilet” to go with it.

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