If this guy wasn’t the president I would feel really dirty doing a cartoon like this, like I’m avoiding the news and just focusing on some weird reality star (a reality star who seems to have forgotten the words to the U.S. national anthem, or at least sings it in a very lackluster way for someone so enthusiastic about people respecting the anthem and flag). Sigh. Granted, there are plenty of other issues out there that don’t receive an Irate Presidential Tweet or cable news Breaking News-a-thon.

Since Trump returned from Mar-A-Lago, he’s been on a crazy tear, of course, in part because of “Fire and Fury.” It could also be because no one is publicly tackling any “bigger” issues like tax cuts or health care right now, so the president’s absurdity is taking up even more oxygen than normal. 

Oh yeah, and there is that small matter of an independent counsel investigating a sitting president for being in cahoots with a smarmy strongman during the campaign. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled on other shenanigans, and be sure to visit me over on my Patreon page.