Words matter.

Words give form to ideas and make them matter, quite literally. Words hold enormous potential to spark change, violence, resolution and renewal.

In recent years, we’ve been shown in no uncertain terms how much raw force a single person’s words can carry—how much impact they can have on millions, even billions, of lives. The national political climate is becoming as toxic as the air above our major cities, and the 2020 presidential campaign is only just heating up.

Luckily, journalism still matters. Here’s a hint: If it didn’t, there would be no need for our current president to keep railing against the “fake news media.” Trump’s words may go global at the speed of thought—but as our holiday animation by Randall Harrington, Glen Biltz and Damon Aaron illustrates, so can all of ours.

In 2020, we’re keeping our sights fixed on the issues, people and events that will matter most, not only to our readers but to our collective future. It’s going to be a big year filled with big talk and even bigger stakes.

We’ve got it covered.

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About the artists:

Randall Harrington is an L.A.-based artist who has created and produced mixed media artworks, performance pieces and installations for several decades.

Performer and songwriter Damon Aaron has been situated at the intersection of the L.A. jazz and beat scenes for many years.

Glen Biltz is a visual artist currently residing in Los Angeles.